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ECI Green, Inc. is a division of European Craftsmanship, Inc. founded in 1988 of which
Adam J. Grabowski is both founder & president.
ECI Green is a residential and commercial construction and remodeling company.
Having completed many projects in Chicago and its suburbs, we understand how to integrate your vision within the rules and regulations of greater Chicagoland. From a small residential remodeling project to the construction of a custom home, our expertise spans the spectrum of your needs.

ECI Green as a proud and active member of the USGBC, PACBA, NCHH, ASTHA is ready to work with you. Fully insured, including liability and worker’s compensation insurance, ECI Green Inc. team includes full time employees, licensed sub-contractors, engineers and architects. Above all, we are dedicated to our customer’s vision, one at a time. Our commitment to education and safety training in construction has risen to the point where we even do the OSHA safety training for other companies. Our goal is to listen to your plans and expectations, develop a custom plan to meet your needs, finish the job to the highest possible specifications and quality, and make each customer into a satisfied client.



Whether it’s our:
-pre-construction services,
-new construction services,
-exterior & interior home improvements and remodeling services,
-water intrusion,
-home inspection,
-insurance claim projects
-green building LEED certified renovation projects
we can do it all.


Possible moisture paths include leaks through wood, window and door framing, leaking through holes or cracks in foundation walls, moisture wicking through mortar joints and masonry materials, moisture carried in heating ductwork under a slab, moisture vapor from showers, clothes dryers or moisture vapor from soils in a crawlspace. Possible paths for water to take when entering through the roof include ice backing up, leaking in along eave edge, wind, driven rain and snow coming in through roof vents, free water leaking in through holes in roof, water leaking in around flashings and exterior vapor entering through roof vent openings.


Water intrusion is usually a sign of a deeper problem with the construction of your home. If you notice any type of water intrusion, you need to call an expert for closer inspection. The expert you need could be a plumber or a contractor, as there's no telling where the water intrusion originates. What can be foretold is the serious damage that will usually follow any type of water intrusion. Almost all buildings will experience some kind of water intrusion, in the form of leaks, flooding or other excessive indoor dampness at some point in their life cycle. Stop Water Intrusion: Inspection is to identify the site where water intrudes into the building.


A common water intrusion problem is moisture on exterior walls. During the heating season, the interior surface of an exterior wall may have a temperature below the dew point, leading to beads of moisture condensing on the surface. Other sources can be ice backup in winter, a blocked rain gutter spilling water, wind driven rain, leaking pipes or waste lines or blocked weep holes leaking around windows or doors. There are many paths this moisture can take to enter the building, such as leaking through openings in walls or through floors, moisture vapor convicted through wall openings, moisture extrusion through wall surfaces and condensate from humid inside air. All leaks bringing free water into the structure must be blocked or corrected. In foundation walls, possible moisture sources include backed up city storm or sewer systems, storm water spillage from gutters that are clogged or broken, storm drains, wind driven rain, storm water grading toward the building, a rising water table or unvented showers or bathrooms.

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